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Les Treuer

I am Les Treuer, your local trainer for St George Sutherland shire area, Canterbury–Bankstown, Liverpool, Campbelltown, and surrounding areas. I have been a professional dog trainer, and specialist in behavior and obedience, since 2004.


My Experience

I received my first puppy in 1972 , a delightful 8 week old corgi who quickly became the love of my life .


I have a trade background but always wanted to be involved with my true passion, canine psychology.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have received a master trainers accreditation , trainer of the year awards and I am an accredited member of APDTA [ Australian Professional Dog Trainers Association ].


Difficult behaviours like, biting, aggression, destructive behaviour, phobias such as separation anxiety, noises, fear, walking difficulties and helping rescue dogs are all in a days work.


Even themost troublesome dogs can be cured with the correct methods


My Training Philosophy

There’s no such thing as a bad dog, so age, breed, gender or background isn’t a concern .


Our methods are not harsh, they are easy to implement and based on dog's and owner's individual needs .


I’d be delighted to show you, in the comfort of your own home, how to rectify any dog problems using positive methods to build a harmonious relationship

giving you the dog you always wanted.



Les Trueur, DogWise Liverpool

If I did not give Les a chance I know Prince would not have improved to the dog he is now.The word thank you is just not enough for what Les has done for us. - Alysa


Within a short time of working with Les, Tyson has improved a hundred percent and is now a pleasure to have as a family pet.  - The Maroun family



My Services

Whether you are planning on raising the Perfect Puppy or have a problem with your dog, I can

help with:


• Puppy schools

• Group classes

• All dog behavioural problems

• In-home Puppy set ups


Our gentle, reward based DOGWISE training methods are appreciated by dog lovers everywhere. DOGWISE supports local council/community doggy day events, local RSPCA chapters, Rescue groups, and Animal shelters in our areas of operation and we provide workplace dog safety lectures.


St George Sutherland shire area- Canterbury district including Homebush - Summer Hill - Turella - Roselands

Bankstown district including Beverly Hills - Strathfield - Granville

Liverpool district  including Revesby - Hoxton Park - Horsley Park - Greystanes

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