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Testimonials - Les Treuer



The day I rescued him, he was a very sick and skinny puppy but still very cute, he only weighed 1.4 kilos.


It was touch and go with him for a little while, but he had bigger problems than this; he was a very scared and nervous puppy, we

had no idea on how to help him. He did not like strangers, walks, males, playing with other dogs or people and sadly we could not trust

him with young kids.


We had never had a dog before, so on my vet's recommendation we contacted Les Treuer from DogWise.


At first I was not sure the behavior training would work because other dog trainers had not helped.


Les helped Prince to gain confidence in doing things.  With help from Les, we started seeing a different side of Prince we thought we would never see.  He started showing signs of improvement, he started walking on a lead and collar, his barking become less and he started trusting people, but the biggest change we saw was that at Christmas time, when I had my younger nephew and niece down, Prince played with them let them touch him.


If I did not give Les a chance I know Prince would not have improved to the dog he is now.

The word thank you is just not enough for what Les has done for us. Prince now weighs 5.5 kilos





Dear Les,


I wanted to write and thank you for everything you taught me.


Before meeting with you, my dog Peppa was driving me crazy.  She would attack me every time I tried to play with her, which left me covered in bruises. I had resorted to hanging my washing on racks inside as she would take the clothes off the line. She was tearing anything she could find in the backyard apart, including the rose bush (thorns and all!) and her own dog house.  I knew her behaviour was not aggressive but I didn't know what I could do to fix things.


That's when I contacted DogWise.  Having met with a trainer previously, who did not help at all. I did not have high expectations. But after only one meeting I knew you would be able to help us.  I had put Peppa's behaviour down to boredom but I had never thought of thinking of things from her perspective .After only 3 training sessions with you, she improved immensely. With my ongoing training ,Peppa is a different dog. Family and friends have commented on how much calmer she is and how much more she listens now. She also no longer attacks me at play time and does not take the washing off the line.


Once again, thank you so much. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is having troubles with their dogs.




My family would like to thank Les Treuer from Dogwise for spending the time that he did with our family, to share his knowledge and experience of dogs.


We contacted Les, when our dog Tyson, a Pitbull terrier, became too much for us to handle and had major behavioural problems.

Before we started working with Les, we could not step 1 foot outside our own backyard as we were being jumped

on and knocked down by Tyson.


My family have the impression that this dog would never change no matter what training was done, we are glad to say within a short time of working with Les, Tyson has improved a hundred percent and is now a pleasure to have as a family pet.

If it was not for Les, we unfortunately would be not have been able to keep Tyson, he is now obedient and respects us as his owners.

I am also happy to say that his jumping problem has been completely fixed




Neo is our Maltese cross poodle.


Before meeting Les, Neo was suffering from serious separation anxiety; he had difficulty being left alone and felt that he needed to be next to us every minute of the day.  Neo was barking at all hours of the night and early morning, demanding our attention, he was afraid to stay outside alone and would constantly bark for hours at a time until we brought him back in.  Neo's eating habits began to worsen and would go a whole day without eating anything, due to the separation anxiety.


At our first meeting with Les, we were taught techniques and strategies that would help Neo overcome his separation anxiety.

Now six weeks on Neo has become a completely different dog and is able to stay outside all day without barking.

He now sleeps through the night and has gained his appetite back.


Without the help and guidance of Les we wouldn't have been able to enjoy Neo and make him such a happy dog.

We would like to say a big thank you to you Les, for all that you have taught us to help change Neo's behaviour and life.

Thank you so much Les

The Maroun family

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