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PuppyWise Preschool

Early socializing is critical at 8-16 weeks for the correct development of a well-adjusted puppy. Only one vaccination is required to attend puppy school. 


PuppyWise Preschool provides a safe, fun environment to enable your puppy to develop good social skills, as well as good manners, at an early age.


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In home puppy setup
Puppy school group training
In-home Puppy Setup

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time.  Early preparation will ensure you are ready to settle your puppy into its new home.


Whether you are a first-time owner, bringing a new dog into your family or have not had a puppy for a while, we can help you at your home to ensure a happy & well-behaved companion.


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"Only one vaccination is required to attend puppy school“

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