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Testimonials - John Vella

Scooby - Aggressive dog

Hello John,


You came out to my house for 2 visits to see my little doggie rescue dog, Scooby who attacked men in the park,

was very aggressive around men and I couldn't let him off leash.


I am pleased to advise that after following your training program,

Scooby is now off the leash in the park,

He doesn't chase or bark at anybody

He comes back to me when called.

This has all only happened in the last 3 weeks.


A male client arrived today at 2pm and Scooby ran out to greet him, tail wagging and went up for a pat whereas

before he would bark aggressively and not let him in the door. He is unrecognisable now John he has quietened

down so much.


Thank you for your guidance and help I have learnt a lot.


I thought you would like to have an update on the results achieved.  It’s always good to have some feedback. 

A total success and thank you again.



Joss - Neutral Bay



Coco - New puppy

My husband and I had John Vella come out for an in home Puppy Set up visit withour new puppy, Coco.


As this was my first puppy, I really wanted to establish the right behaviour from the start.  We collected Coco at 8 weeks and John visited us 5 days later.  John alerted us to the things we were doing that were perhaps not the best for us or for Coco. From reading incorrect information online, we had been spending every waking minute with Coco. We've only had Coco now for 3 weeks and the change in two weeks is amazing and that is due to the advice from John.  Prior to John we couldn't leave Coco for 2 minutes without her whinging and now she'll happily stay home alone for 4-5 hrs, and when we come home, it is to a happy dog. She now thrives and enjoys being on her own and will sometimes prefers lounging in the sun outside on her mat, than being inside the house with us.  We have appreciated the time John spent with us in our home and sharing his knowledge with us. I would highly and happily recommend him to friends and family. We have now enrolled Coco into Puppy Classes with John, and she is really benefiting from interacting with the other dogs.

Akosita - Pymble


Archie - Separation Anxiety

Dear John,


Just a quick note to say thank you, for coming to our rescue with Archie.  We are finally winning!


We are enjoying our puppy again and more importantly he is not stressed or anxious.  We are living harmoniously again.  If only I could find a spare few thousand dollars to repair the damage he did before having you come and help us.


Keep on encouraging people to attend puppy school because if we had gone we may never have had the problems we ended up with.


Thanks again

Allana - Cammeray

Jack - Aggressive dog


“Jack” is our 12 year old male Jack Russell.  In November 2008 “Jack” had a big lifestyle change when he

moved with our family to Sydney after spending his life as a country dog sharing his days with the family and

several other farm dogs in country Goulburn.


Once we made the move to the city, our daily walks, which had always been a great enjoyment for “Jack” and

me, became an instant disaster. “Jack” was very threatened by his new environment, the crowds of people,

the traffic, and lots and lots of strange dogs!!


His way of dealing with the strange dogs, was to bark and growl in a very bossy manner, which meant we

were an unpopular pair on our daily walks, and our walks were no longer fun, but stressful and embarrassing

for me, “Jack’s” owner.


There was worse to come!

We had only been in Sydney for approximately 1 month when “Jack” was attacked and badly mauled in an

unprovoked attack by an unsupervised, unrestrained English Bull Terrier. He was very ill for several days but

made of tough stuff, he survived.


However as a result of the attack, “Jack’s” antisocial behaviour escalated.  Our local vet recommended we call John Vella and seek his advice on ways to improve “Jack’s” behaviour.


Meeting with John was the best advice we could have been given. “Jack” and I had 3 private sessions with

John. I was taught the tactics to manage “Jack’s” behaviour when we encountered other dogs.


As a result we are enjoying our walks again and “Jack” continues to improve 3 months after our last session

with John.


John Vella is fantastic. His understanding of dogs is extraordinary and I feel grateful every day for the training

he gave me to manage my dog.


Thank you John, for your outstanding knowledge, advice, patience and help.

Belinda - Dee Why


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