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Testimonials - Anita Strong

Barney and Emmy

We would whole heartedly recommend Anita Strong for dog training. Her methods are easy to follow and certainly give results!


We have 2 dogs – 12 month old Barney and 13 month old Emmy who we thought  were “not  too bad”. We decided to do some training with them, so that they can be calmer and we can enjoy taking them out more.


After the training with Anita, one would not recognize the dogs now as the same dogs!!


Emmy was very insecure and would not walk on the lead at all. She was spooked and nervous outside her usual surroundings. Now she is a confident dog and loves her walks! They used to bark at night and disturb the neighbours. Since the training, they are quiet and well behaved. Feeding time was World War III, but not it’s a peaceful and civilized event.





Lotte, our 2 year-old Pomeranian, is responding very well to the “come”, “sit”, “stay” and “drop” commands  at home; she is no longer barking at visitors at the door; walking is now excellent, and she remains calm with cars and bus noises passing in either direction;  she uses the doggie door and goes outside to toilet regularly.


Where does she fit now after your training sessions? Well, the answer is obvious to us – your visits were practical, real and effective making for a much better friend to us.


We would recommend your training to anyone who would be interested in a much better way of having a loveable and adorable pet. She is much happier and friendly to us and in a much improved behavioural pattern.

Thank you sincerely for your training advice. We now know where to continue and we know she will continue to improve.

Yvonne & Kevin


Pandemonium Fixed

Anita helped me through a particular challenging period when my daughter moved back home with her three dogs. I already had two including a boisterous border collie puppy. In a word, pandemonium.


Anita gave us weekly group lessons and provided a number of techniques to improve the dogs' interaction with the humans of the household and between themselves.


Anita is a very calm and knowledgeable instructor. Her approach is thorough and thoughtful, and her techniques are simple and easy to follow. I have no hesitation recommending her.



Daisy and Rocco

Thank you for your personal training with our dog Daisy to help her overcome her fear of other dogs, and in particular our daughter’s dog Rocco.


I realize, as you said, it will be a gradual process to allow Daisy to do this in her own time with the tools that you showed us, but we have noticed improvement everytime they meet.


Daisy no longer hides behind the lounge when Rocco comes to visit now, and they walk happily together.  When we bring Rocco here we allow it on Daisy’s terms, following your advice. Daisy comes outside now and sits and observes Rocco, whereas before she stayed inside hiding.


Thank you Anita. We realise Daisy may never be completely fussed about other dogs and prefers a distance between them and her, but we have made progress with your help and will continue to do the training you have shown us.

Joy ........and of course little Daisy


Never too late

Thanks, Anita, for coming to our home and teaching us how to manage our excitable dogs. We now have the tools to enjoy them and take them out without embarrassing behaviour! We waited far too long to do something about our dogs, thinking it was just their personalities.


We can now enjoy them all the time and their true gentle nature shines through. We still have work to do and persistent practice will see us meet our goal of being able to take them to Bondi and walk along the promenade, meeting other dogs and people and feel proud of their behaviour! Your training has been a great help to us!


Cathy, Laurie, Bernadette & Geraldine


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