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Testimonials - Dave Turner



We moved house and ever since then our 12 month old toy poodle, Marley, has become such a handful. I was at my wits end and how to deal with him as our older dog, Star, rarely barked.


I was worried that we would have problems with the neighbours if his behaviours continued. I rang our local vet and discussed my problems with them, begging for an answer. They said I could try DogWise.


I Ioved my fluffy friend so much and would do anying to stop all that barking. I called Dave up and made an appointment. From the word go, I was confident that this man knew what he wa doing. My dog responded to everything he did. It was like he was tapping into Marley's psyche!


From the very first visit I learnt what I was doing wrong and how to interact with Marley to ease his anxiety (about the move), deal with him thinking he is the “top dog”, pulling and stop him from running into the house whenever he pleased.


I had 3 sessions with Dave and every single one was the highlight of my week. Dave has given back our cute little fluffy boy and we are so proud of all that we have achieved with Dave's help. If I ever have another problems with a dog in years to come I will be calling Dave straight way.


Glenmore Park



Inter-dog aggression

My wife, Nicole and I have 2 pups, a 6 year old Boxer and a 6 year old Staffy. They had suffered from inter­dog aggression. This was becoming quite a serious problem, or so we thought until we met Dave.


As you could imagine 2 quite large and strong breeds of dog were quite a handful for us to separate, and as such was terrifying.


We contacted Dave who told us we would need an in­home appointment. Dave explained everything he was about to teach us and about how he used the whispering technique. Dave helped us to better understand why our dogs were fighting and helped and pointed out areas where we were possibly creating the pressure on our dogs.


We found Dave to be extremely professional. He explained everything in detail making sure we understood everything he was teaching us. From the very first appointment we noticed a change for the better in our dogs. His methods do work and we would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from any problems with their dogs. Dave was available to answer any of our questions at any time and he made us feel we can gain control over our dogs once again.

Grant and Nicole


Jedda - High Anxiety


My dog Jedda's behaviour was high anxiety, social issues and the alpha of the pack. My main objective was to be able to simply take her out for a walk without behavioural issues and with my two daughters expecting their first child, I did not want Jedda jumping up on them for the safety of their unborn babies.


I was introduced to DogWise by a lady living in my neighbourhood and she explained the wonderful results of her very anxious dog, with a history of abuse from a previous owner, and how with the support from DogWise her dog is now calm and most importantly, a happy dog. 


When Dave Turner introduced himself and explained the programme to me, I was amazed at the ease of simple methods used to get my 3 year old Jedda on the right path. Just changing Jedda's diet on the first day, helped calm her down. 


Dave gave me many tips in helping Jedda to socialise with other dogs and people. The most important point I can learn from Dave is: You will give a dog mixed signals, behavioural issues and your dog will not feel happy. If you do not show that you are the alpha of the pack, and by showing your are the alpha, your dog will respect you, because that is what a dog only knows.



Dee Dee


We are the owners of a beautiful golden Labrador who is 15 months old. We were beginning to wonder whether she was going to remain as part of our family as she was so unmanageable. She would jump all over us when we walked outside causing injuries, roar down the steps under our feet and nearly knock us over, if off the leash at the back of our property she would never come when called. It was her taking me for a walk, constantly pulling on the leash and going where she wanted to go and basically doing what she wanted to do. 


My main fear was her jumping all over visitors, especially my grandchildren. She is approximately 30kg and very strong. I must admit we were at our wits end until I called Dave from DogWise and found a light at the end of the tunnel. 


Dave has shown us where we had gone wrong with our puppy. We had basically treated her as our only child, allowing her to be in control of us – she had become the pack leader and in turn did as she pleased. Over the next few weeks David has shown us how to manage our dog on walks, at home with other people and it has brought so much happiness and harmony back to our lives. 


Dee Dee is now a very enjoyable part of our day as she now obeys commands, enjoys her daily walk, plays in the river and returns to us when called, sits and stays, walks down the stairs after us, doesn't run away, plays fetch and just seems a much happier dog. 


I can't thank Dave enough or recommend him more highly to anyone who is experiencing problems with their beloved animal, the enjoyment we now have with our dog is wonderful.

Dianne and Damian


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