Dave Turner

I am Dave Turner your local trainer in Penrith, The Blue Mountains and Richmond/Windsor. I have been a professional dog trainer and specialist in behaviour and obedience since 2007.


After many years in sales and marketing I decided that working with dogs and their owners was what I wanted to do, full time.

My love of all animals, especially dogs, drew me to my career with DogWise.


My Experience

I started professional dog training in 2007, working closely with the late John Richardson, aka The Dog Whisperer, benefiting from his extensive knowledge and wisdom with dogs. I have attained Master Trainer status, and received the Trainer of the Year award.


I have been training dogs all my life, starting from an early age with my own dogs.


Some years ago my wife, Anne, and I rescued an 11 month old German Shepherd, she had been mistreated and abused. We took her into our care, and then started the long road to rehabilitating her. It took many months to gain her trust and for her to lose the fear that she had built up from her previous situation. We had

Kimberley with us until she died peacefully at 12 years. This spurred me on to helping other dogs, and I made the decision to become a professional trainer.


The majority of my time is taken up with visiting dogs and their owners in their homes. It is a wonderful feeling to help these owners overcome the problems they have been experiencing and seeing the final result of a happy, healthy dog–and ultimately a happy household.


I also hold group classes, for puppies and adult dogs. I believe that dogs benefit from this on­going training all their lives; people don’t stop learning just because we have left school. It is the same with dogs; they benefit from continuous stimulation just the same as we do. Owners and their dogs learn a lot in these classes–and we all have fun as well.


I get a real buzz seeing happy dogs socialising with each other at the end of the training course. And also from the big smiles & new level of confidence on their owners faces. 


Unfortunately, untreated doggy behaviour problems result many dogs being put down, but there is an alternative to this drastic action. There are very few dogs who can’t be helped, they just need a fair chance. I have saved a number of dogs from being destroyed and have been some owners last resort before they would have taken the heartbreaking decision to have their beloved dogs destroyed. I feel so blessed that I can alter these creatures and their owner’s lives to a point where they can both live together happily again. 


I have two wonderful dogs of my own. Teddi is my chocolate toy Poodle and Casey is my Labrador retriever cross. I have Casey and Teddi assist in my group training classes to show owners that they too, can have a happy and confident dog by investing some time & effort.


My work covers all types of doggy problems from separation anxiety, inter­dog aggression, fear aggression, and all aspects of control relating to dogs.


Whatever ‘doggy’ problem you may be suffering, I can help. Our DogWise rewards-based training programs are gentle, common sense methods, that are easy to follow whatever the owner's age or life circumstances. 


My goal is to continue helping owners and their dogs communicate better & live together in harmony for many years to come – I can”t imagine doing anything else!


My Training Philosophy

All dogs deserve respect and a loving environment in which to live. There is something special and satisfying and a sense of achievement when I see the happiness and confidence that owners display after they have reached their goal of having a happy, well adjusted dog, who knows it's place in the pack. I have always achieved this by gentle, nuturing methods, always bringing out the best in both the owner and their dog.



Dave Turner, DogWise Blue Mountains

Dave has given back our cute little fluffy boy and we are so proud of all that we have achieved with Dave's help. If I ever have another problems with a dog in years to come I will call Dave straight way. - Deanne


I can't thank Dave enough or recommend him more highly toanyone who is experiencing problems with their beloved animal, the enjoyment we now have with our dog is wonderful. - Dianne and Damian

My Services

Whether you are planning on raising the Perfect Puppy or have a problem with your dog, I can

help with:


• Puppy schools

• Group classes

• All dog behavioural problems

• In-home Puppy set ups


Our gentle, reward based DOGWISE training methods are appreciated by dog lovers everywhere. DOGWISE supports local council/community doggy day events, local RSPCA chapters, Rescue groups, and Animal shelters in our areas of operation and we provide workplace dog safety